Students Make International Connections during Global Network Week

April 24, 2024
Global Network for Advanced Management

During Global Network Week, Yale SOM students travel to international business schools for a week of classes and cultural immersion. Here, they share their takeaways from the experience. 

Lexi Abbiati ’25 
European School of Management and Technology, Germany

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn from other MBA students from around the world. We were able to learn from everyone’s different experiences in the classroom setting as well as through small group activities.

Through Global Network Week, we were able to deeply explore Berlin and learn about the history of the GDR. Because the program was one week long, we used the second week of spring break to explore three other stops in Europe.”  



Coco Chou ’24
National University of Singapore Business School, Singapore

“It’s truly an enriching experience, where the course itself and the people I’ve met from all over the globe were the highlights. As students from the U.S., we’re often tunnel-visioned and focused on our own market. But this course really opened my eyes to the markets of Asian countries and how foreign companies should think when interacting with them.” 

students at NUS

Paul Gennett ’25
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School, Hong Kong

“I had always followed international affairs but rarely got to discuss global events and policy with fellow students from across the globe. In Hong Kong, I had the opportunity to learn more about the past, present, and future of Asian development, and discuss ongoing trends with students from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Japan, and other countries. The week culminated with a group presentation on the future of Hong Kong; I left with a greater appreciation for international perspectives and a strong desire to learn more.” 

students at HKUST

Jun Go ’25
FGV Escola de Administraçāo de Empresas de Sāo Paulo, Brazil

“The highlight of my trip was getting to know the amazing people I met during the program, including the students from my own school, the students from other participating business schools, and the wonderful faculty at FGV EAESP.

Visiting São Paulo and attending the Global Network Week program, I learned not only how different Brazil's culture is from my own, but also how diverse its is from region to region. Learning more about businesses and society in Brazil, I also learned how intertwined the two are in the country, which resonated with me as SOM's own mission is to educate leaders for business and society.” 

Students at FGV

Jerry He ’24 
National University of Singapore Business School, Singapore

“The topic of Asia is both familiar and new to me as a Chinese student. I know China, Japan, and Korea quite well, but Southeast Asian and Indian topics bring me a very new view of the region. For example, I was really surprised when the professor discussed how 7-Eleven is special in Indonesia, because it provides a coffee shop-like environment in that country.

NUS organized two major networking events. The first was an ice breaker before the program started. We got to know our fellow students before Global Network Week so we could enjoy our class better. Another event involved networking with NUS MBA candidates. This gave us a very good opportunity to grow our network, especially for those who want to pursue a career in Asia.”

Students at NUS

Fabio Kammler ’24

University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business, South Africa

“We got to work with local entrepreneurs in various stages of their venture development, all with a great purpose. Throughout the week, we met with them, helped diagnose problems they were facing, proposed solutions to solving them. This felt really high-impact and the entrepreneurs appreciated our insights. We also visited a university-run incubator in one of the townships nearby, which was an eye-opening experience. Being quite interested in wine myself, I also really enjoyed a visit to two vineyards in Stellenbosch.” 

Students at UCT

Sanat Khurana ’25 
University of New South Wales Business School, Australia

“Global Network Week in Sydney was a truly global experience—in addition to building meaningful connections with peers from around the world, I enjoyed exploring the beautiful city. With trips to Bondi Beach, Taronga Zoo, and multiple wineries, we learned about some interesting sustainability practices adopted by businesses.

This program has enabled me to develop a purpose around sustainability, while providing essential tools for succeeding as a leader in business and society.” 

Students at UNSW

Stephanie Kim ’24

FGV Escola de Administraçāo de Empresas de Sāo Paulo, Brazil

“Our Global Network Week program leads—Lalah, Rica, and Marcio—facilitated our learning and provided extensive historical and political background to put people’s stories, roles, advocacy priorities, and territorial protection strategies into an understandable context. Lalah’s expertise was in grassroots advocacy and preservation of culture amongst indigenous communities; Rica’s was in academic and journalistic approaches to educating people about their connection to the lived environment; and Marcio’s was in non-profit development work around territorial governance and sustainability.

Their efforts allowed us, as students, to ask community leaders questions about the systemic challenges they face from political and business-backed aggressors, as well as how they are preserving history, knowledge, and traditions through education. Each discussion allowed space to learn about the ingenuity of the members of these communities, and the inspiring strength and determination of indigenous leaders to ensure their communities have access to the appropriate resources to support themselves.”

Students in Brazil

Arthur Li ’25
University of Ghana Business School, Ghana

“One of the highlights of my trip was visiting local businesses in the energy and financial services sectors. I got a first-hand account of the business culture in Ghana and the unique regulatory challenges facing small and medium enterprises. At the same time, it was great to experience the entrepreneurial energy and dynamism of the country.”

Arthur with professor at UGBS

Richard Ogu ’24
University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business, Canada

“My trip to Vancouver for Global Network week was a spectacular blend of learning and exploration. The learning was immersive, transcending academic discussions on sustainable development goals, cities, and inclusive prosperity, and touching on the pulse of community life in Vancouver and other cities across the globe. 

Outside the classroom, Vancouver unfolded as a city where nature and urban life dance in harmony. Whether it was feeling the ocean breeze at the vibrant waterfront or bonding over hotpot with my peers, each moment was a stitch in the fabric of our shared experience. In between the lectures, we exchanged stories, savored local cuisines, and marveled at the lush landscapes. The friendships forged amidst this bustling cityscape and the backdrop of majestic nature highlighted the essence of our global network — diverse, yet united in our quest for knowledge and meaningful impact.”

Students at UBC

Liv Ouyang ’24
Hitotsubashi University Business School, School of International Corporate Strategy, Japan

“The highlight of Global Network Week for me was the trip to the Dawn Avatar Robot Cafe. The cafe is staffed by avatar robots that are operated remotely by people with disabilities who are unable to leave their homes. This unique setup not only provides employment opportunities for people with disabilities but also addresses the loneliness and social isolation that this demographic can sometimes experience. The cafe demonstrates how technology can be harnessed for social good, exemplifying SOM’s motto ‘business and society.’”

robot cafe

Shwetha Ramanathan ’24
Renmin University, China

“Experiencing Global Network Week at Renmin University in China was a transformative journey that broadened my perspectives, deepened my understanding of China's digital economy, and enriched my cultural awareness. The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly the learning experience combined with exploring the vibrant city of Beijing.

Immersing myself in the local culture was an integral part of the experience. From exploring historic landmarks like the Great Wall and the Forbidden City to savoring authentic Beijing cuisine, every moment was an opportunity to appreciate China's rich heritage and traditions.” 

Shwetha in Beijing

Matthew Warren ’25 
National University of Singapore Business School, Singapore

“My Global Network Week course was Asia Business Environments, and it was huge to me to break out that ‘s’ on environments. Spending time in Singapore helped me see distinctions in history, culture, and politics within Asia that are critical to understanding all the stakeholders that make a business successful.” 

Matthew Warren photo with students

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