The Global Network for Advanced Management Toolkit is a set of resources for our member schools and their communities to engage, communicate, and promote network activities.

Global Network Week Resources

Logos and Printed Materials

Promotion and Best Practices

Social Media



I. Global Network Weeks

Share Your Experience

During each Global Network Week, we encourage participating schools, students, faculty and staff to share their experiences. Our goal is to support engagement across the experiences and promote the Global Network experience broadly.

Suggested Social Posts

Share and tag events, experiences, news, and profiles related to the #GNW2024 experience:

  • Your School: Networked learning is here. We're pleased to welcome students from @advancedmgmt schools and programs for #GNW2024
  • General: Networked learning is here. Students from Global Network schools and programs are participating in #GNW2024 course modules.



II. Logos & Printed Materials

We encourage Global Network member schools to use our logo in your school’s print materials and on the web where appropriate. Here are a few resources to help you promote the Global Network for Advanced Management to your school’s community.


Global Network LOGOS

Global Network Horizontal Logo [jpeg]
Global Network Horizontal Logo [eps]

Global Network Stacked Logo [jpeg]

Global Network Square Logo [png]


Global Network Perspectives Logo [svg]



III. Promotion & Best Practices

Below are some examples of suggested placement and best practices for use of the Global Network logo on school websites. We recommend placing your logo with a link back to on your home page, global outreach or initiatives page, and/or footer.

School Homepage and Website Footer

Examples: UCD SmurfitUniversity of Indonesia Faculty of Economics  UGBS • Yale School of Management

On Global Outreach Web Pages

Examples: Haas School of Business • HKUST



IV. Social Media 

Global Network Social Profiles

Global Network on Twitter •  Global Network on Instagram •  Global Network on Facebook • Global Network on Linkedin (open group) / LinkedIn (closed group for students, alumni, faculty and staff)Global Network on Tumblr

Global Network Schools on X (formerly known as Twitter)

@AIM_edu •  @BerkeleyHaas •  @EGADEnews • @ESMTBerlin • @FGV-EASP • @HECParis • @HitotsubashiICS • @HKUSTmba  • @IEBusiness • @INCAE •  @IIMBangalore • @OxfordSBS@MBAUC •  • @SDABocconi • @UBCSauderSchool • @SmurfitSchool •  @SNUBiz • @univ_indonesia •  @HumasFEBUI • @UCTGSB • @YaleSOM

Global Network Schools on Facebook

Asian Institute of Management • EGADE Business School, Tecnológico de Monterrey • ESMT • School of Management, Fudan UniversityHEC • Hitotsubashi ICSIE Business School • Indian Institute of Management Bangalore • Koç University Graduate School of BusinessPontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile School of Business – MBA-UC •  Saïd Business School, University of OxfordSDABocconi • UBC Sauder School of Business • UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School • Yale School of Management

Global Network Schools on LinkedIn

ESMT • School of Management, Fudan University • HEC • Hitotsubashi ICSHKUST • IE Business School • Indian Institute of Management Bangalore • Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile School of Business •  Saïd Business School, University of Oxford • School of Business, Renmin University of ChinaSDA Bocconi • UBC Sauder School of Business • UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School • Yale School of Management

Global Network Schools on Instagram

@esmtberlin • @hecparismba@hitotsubashi_ics@hkust • @IEBusiness@lbsnigeria • @ubcsauderschool@kocuniversity@nus_singapore • @oxfordsbs • @SDABocconi •  @YaleSOM


Hitotsubashi ICS UBC Sauder School of Business • Yale SOM



V. Contact

Global Network: