Insights and Opportunities: Decoding China’s Digital Economy

China’s digital economy has experienced a soaring increase in the past decade, contributing trillions of businesses to the economy in China and the Globe. The 2024 Global Network Week at Renmin University intends to take students to a discovering journey: decoding China’s digital economy. This journey includes elaboration lectures in class and on-site observations in Chinese companies. Students will zoom in to learn the best practices of digital economy in China and the underlying mechanisms. Attendees will have chances to see the blueprint of China’s digital infrastructure and how it empowers China’s digital economy; how traditional companies deploy cutting-edge technologies (i.e., big data, IoT, Blockchain and AI) to achieve digitalization revolution; how different companies on a supply chain get digitalized and connected enhancing efficiency as a coherent ecosystem. Eventually, this journey is to reshape your understanding of China’s digital economy, providing insights for identifying new business opportunities in China and conducting digital business in your home country.

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