The Past, Present, and Future of Business in Hong Kong

Course Description Hong Kong has a storied past. What is it today? And what of its future? This course focuses on Hong Kong's place in a transformed world and the business opportunities it will offer going forwards. We will start by investigating Hong Kong as Asia’s Global City before examining its role in the broader story of Asia’s rise from poverty to prosperity. The rise of Asia in general and China in specific have been among the most important global trends over the past 50 years. It continues to underlie the structure of economic competition and complementarity; while China and the U.S. have distinct industrial models with limited overlap, China, Japan, and Korea have similar industrial models and their companies have long been competing vigorously against one another. Yet, these East Asian economies remain even more interdependent upon each other and Southeast Asia than they are to the U.S. or Europe. Hong Kong has played a key role in linking these Asian economies together in both competition and cooperation, as well as linking the region to Europe and North America. Can Hong Kong continue playing this critical role going forward into the future? The objective of the course is to provide a strong understanding of competitive dynamics and opportunities across a changed Asia-Pacific landscape. We will avoid political and ideological discussions to focus on the economic implications and opportunities.

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