Hospitality at Japanese inns to public services; convenient stores open 24-7; smooth and careful parcel delivery; accurate transportation systems; universal public healthcare system; clean and safe cities; These are some examples of service excellence that Japan is proud of. Japanese service excellence is realized by the operational excellency x mindset, which we call as "omotenashi." In the course, we will cover the roots of "omotenashi" by visiting Japanese culture and Japanese traditional values (omotenashi 1.0); Japanese service excellence now in the current Japanese society (omotenashi 2.0); and future of Japanese service excellence (omotenashi 3.0). The objective of the course is for students to understand what Japanese service excellence is, how Japanese service excellence is delivered, and why Japanese service excellence is unique. The course also asks students to think what can be adopted from the Japanese service excellence to improve the service excellence in their own businesses. The course will introduce operational management, human resource management and customer management, as well as new technology, related with omotenashi-based services. Please refer to the syllabus for program details.

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