Asia Business Environments

This course has two main, interconnected aims. First is to introduce basic concepts of international business, which relate to how firm strategy varies across geographic contexts. A key concept in the course is that an understanding of doing business in a specific country involves consideration of two separate levels of analysis: the country perspective and the firm perspective. While these two levels of analysis significantly influence one another, it is important to consider them separately and acknowledge how they differ from one another. Second is to introduce the diversity of business environments in Asia—a range as diverse as exists in the world. There is no single Asian business environment, but instead many different environments, each of which has different implications for business strategy. It is expected that students will learn a basic set of descriptive facts about countries and top businesses in the region. Instead of looking for one “right” answer, however, this course encourages debates and discussions. Instead of being overly structured in my teaching, we attempt to leave some rooms for ambiguities that encourage students to take a more pro-active approach to their own learning.

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