Webinars: Global Network Connect

Global Network Connect is a series of webinars designed to bring together experts from Global Network schools to discuss important topics impacting global business. 

How Can We End Gender Bias in the Workplace?

January 19, 2019


Yunxia Feng, Associate Professor, Organization and Human Resources, Renmin Business School
Kumeshnee West, Director of Executive Education, University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business
Jennifer McFadden, Associate Director of Entrepreneurial Programs, Yale SOM
Darren Baker, Assistant Professor of Business and Society, University College Dublin

Women remain underrepresented in many industries, especially at the highest levels. The #MeToo movement illuminated the bias—and sometimes hostility and abuse—that women face in many organizations. And as a 2017 Global Network Survey showed, women face conflicting signals about their societal and professional roles. Our expert panelists from the Global Network for Advanced Management discussed the steps, large and small, that can contribute to gender equity in the workplace.