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AIM trains business, government, and civil society leaders to manage the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly integrating Asian region.

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Shadaab Shaik

Meeting new people, Travelling, basketball, Urdu Poetry, Food, rescuing strays
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I was skeptical about getting a dog until I rescued one off the streets, now she and her 2 pups have taken over our lives! ( In the best way possible) I prefer social gatherings to social media. I believe that Forrest Gump was the best movie ever made.
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Insights: Can Ecotourism Boost the Economy in the Philippines?

Whether ecotourism takes off in the Philippines is about a lot more than sunbathing and trekking. It could be a transformative source of revenue in a country with a per-capita GDP of a little more than $3,000. The Asian Institute of Management will host its first Global Network Week starting October 13 with a focus on the topic. To get an overview of what ecotourism means to the country’s economy, we spoke with Professor Fernando Y. Roxas, one of the faculty members slated to teach Global Network students about current developments in ecotourism across the country.