Sustainability Expedition: Tapajós

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Sustainability Expedition: Tapajós is a learning experience where students can directly interact with part of the Amazon territory and its local actors, with the whole group and with themselves in order to learn and reflect about: (i) Sustainable Development, as a formal topic; and (ii) Sustainable Development as a key driver to more responsible and contemporary type of leadership and decision making processes.

Based on that, the discipline objectives are:


  • To present and make tangible, through experiential, collective and theoretical learning, questions that permeate the concepts of sustainable development and leadership for sustainability.
  • To promote field research and reflection on development models present in the territory visited, from the contact and relationship with different realities and social actors (companies, local communities, NGOs, etc.).
  • To develop critical thinking that integrates perspectives on the environment, society, economy, politics, ethics and human values to decision making and leadership abilities. 


Based on that, we hope that at the end of the discipline students will be able:


  • To observe and identify the systemic impacts and influences of decisions / actions of public, private and nongovernmental organizations, as well as individuals, for local and global sustainability.


  • To understand and revise sustainable development concepts, connecting them with other disciplines from the field of Business Administration.


  • To understand the importance of articulation and dialogue in the search for convergence of interests between the different actors involved in a given context.


  • To mobilize and carry out actions in order to incorporate sustainability into their reflections and practical actions.


  •  To observe and understand different perspectives of Leadership, conceptualizing what means to lead for sustainability.