From Start-up to Scale-up

Technion global Network week course 13-17-2023 titled: From Start-Up to Scale-Up will focus on the process of startup-growth and scale-up. The course methodology will consist of lectures, teamwork, and experiential learning. The large portion of the course will consist of site visits to startups at different stages of growth and in different industrial sectors, accompanied by open discussions with startups’ founders and investors. Learning will mostly be experiential. Students will work in teams on writing short case studies on the startups they visited, based on interviews with their founders and managers, analyzing the startups’ strengths, weaknesses, and growth potential. 

All startups plan to scale up. But only a few of the startups succeed in scaling up to become public or private organizations. Some startups manage to be acquired by multinational organizations and grow but most of them fail.

The course will focus on the challenges faced by startups as they strive to grow. The course will present and discuss the different phases in the process of scaling up and will analyze what makes some startups more successful than others. The course will also examine the process of growth from the investors’ perspective.

At the end of the course, the students will have the opportunity to integrate academic knowledge with first-hand experience from site visits. Students will gain knowledge on the challenges faced by startups, what makes some startups more successful than others, the investors’ perspective, and types of investment along the scaling-up stages.   


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