Retail Marketing

Retail marketing is the application of marketing functions in distribution of goods to the customers. In today’s competitive environment, retailers should think beyond selling goods. This course  will guide students on how retail marketing is aligned with customer’s journey: crafting campaigns and promotion to engage customers, developing seamless experiences in purchasing, creating after-sales services and strategies to grow and build a loyal customer base. In addition, Retail Marketing will also discuss tools and strategies, such as Customer Relationship Management, Private Label Development, Onsite/Instore Execution and Channel and Assortment Planning, to help businesses be more competitive.  
As today’s new normal challenges how physical stores operate, this course explores how retail marketing needs to be experience-focused and how it needs to evolve into digital thru omnichannel strategies.

1.    Understand recent trends and challenges in the retail industry as customers shift to digital channels in their path to purchase
2.    Evaluate customer growth and loyalty thru effective omnichannel strategies, customer relationship management and loyalty programs
3.    Analyze how channel, category and assortment planning can improve the customer experience
4.    Examine how retailers and brands can excite customers by with successful in-store and onsite marketing campaigns
5.    Discuss entrepreneurial tactics such as such as private label, digitally native vertical brands, personalized e-commerce and experience-based retailing that build competitiveness
6.    Create an innovative Retail Marketing plan for brands that need to advance their strategies for reaching customers

Course Date & Time

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:00 - 9:20 PM (Manila time); 10 sessions of 80 minutes