In recent years we have seen important global changes in the behavior of consumers and shoppers that have forced companies to review their Business Models in general and especially their Marketing Strategies. It is important to distinguish those elements that have caused these changes, such as digital disruption, the search for a purpose in brands and the need for greater convenience for consumers given their lifestyle. On the other hand, it is important to understand in more depth the differences of these changes in the different regions of the world. In particular, Latin American consumers have been strongly affected by the sharp economic and geopolitical deterioration. Poverty rates and uncertainty levels for investment have increased in Latin America and this makes it even more challenging to lead Brands that can play a role in this scenario. Each crisis brings opportunities and it is specifically in this environment in which creativity, the search for new business models and the consistency of commercial strategies will be key to winning. This course seeks to understand, analyze and discover the marketing strategies that are being developed in the business environment and in particular from the perspective of mass consumption in Latin America.

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