Leading with Impact: People & Performance Management Strategies

The world of managing employee performance has undergone significant change over the last five years. Employee engagement results are driving leaders to become more accountable than ever to deliver regular, meaningful feedback and relevant performance reviews. Furthermore, leaders need to uniquely address employee performance in three different settings: remote, hybrid, and in-office. New and meaningful methods of collecting employee performance data are shaping the world of performance management which attempt to address the variety of settings.


This course explores emerging and proven leadership practices in the context of managing employee performance that will drive enhanced employee engagement. Students will learn how strong, simple performance management methods drive high levels of employee engagement and retention. Through a combination of readings, lectures, case studies and a panel discussion with industry executives, students will gain deep insight into the importance of creating a performance management approach linked to an organization’s life cycle (start-up, high growth, mature) and business strategy. The course will also explore trends in leadership and performance management such as the role of AI.


Students will be asked to reflect on their own experiences with performance management and evaluate a variety of leadership and performance management approaches through case studies. This course will leave students with the tools to effectively design, develop and champion needed changes to an organization’s performance management system in the interests of leaders and their team members.