Innovating for Scale and Impact: Practical Applications

This course provides an experience-based exposure to the process of starting an entrepreneurial venture. The process, toolkit and “entrepreneurial mindset” can also be applied to innovation in larger organizations. 
Familiarity with the business model canvas and lean start-up methodology is helpful. This is not an intro class in start-up methodologies, and we will move quickly. Optional, additional background readings will be provided for students who are motivated to join the course but need to fill knowledge gaps.
Students are encouraged to focus on tackling significant societal challenges (for example: human health, planetary health, food and energy security) where major changes are required for impactful change.

Project criteria: the default focus is on a start-up, but for a team that is interested to work on an innovation for an existing company or organization there can be flexibility, subject to Instructor approval. The entrepreneurial mindset and start-up methodology for innovation is broadly applicable to corporate innovation, with a few adjustments. Team based (min 4, max 6), no solo work or projects. Students will be encouraged to form around shared interests based on activities in class 1.  
Completing the course will leave students equipped with an understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset, and an innovation process that they can adapt to start-up or existing organization innovation challenges.

The course instructor, Paul Cubbon, comes from an industry background in global corporate innovation, and has developed and taught many courses in innovation and entrepreneurship in the context of disruptive change. In addition to teaching, Paul works closely with many STEM researchers in the early stages of commercialization, bridging invention to nascent company. Paul is a multiple award-winning teacher, including being recognized as a 3M Canada National Teaching Fellow. Paul’s approach focuses on the applied, experiential and a “learning by doing” outlook.

Course Date & Time

Mondays and Wednesdays - 8:00am to 10:30am PST timezone…