Holistic Leadership: From Purpose to Impact

The 21st century needs a different type of leader: one who is grounded in their values, who has the ability to care for themselves and others, and who is committed to make a positive impact on their communities and world. This year’s Global Network Week at IE is designed to provide participants a unique space for introspection into who they are, what shapes their behaviors, and how they can create a solid foundation for vision and action.

Our holistic leadership journey requires a deep dive into our values, habits and how we choose to be. From this awareness and appreciation, we can evaluate how we can impact our teams, communities and the world. The concept of journey is critical to gain balance, appreciation and perspective in learning from the experiences of the road already traveled and the road that lies ahead. 

This course will create the opportunity for students to cultivate their ability to thrive, be healthy, feel good, and connect with themselves and others in order to become more impactful and more holistic leaders.