Economic Growth and Development in Nigeria: Opportunities and Challenges for Entrepreneurs

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Economic Growth and Development in Nigeria: Opportunities and Challenges for Entrepreneurs: The course delves into the economic landscape of Nigeria, focusing on growth and development prospects for entrepreneurs. It covers: 1. Introduction to the Nigerian Economy: An overview of Nigeria's economic structure, key sectors, and historical economic performance. 2. Factors Driving Economic Growth: Analysis of elements contributing to economic growth, including natural resources, population dynamics, infrastructure, and government policies. 3. Entrepreneurship Ecosystem: Exploration of Nigeria's entrepreneurial environment, encompassing startup culture, funding avenues, regulatory frameworks, and support mechanisms. 4. Opportunities for Entrepreneurs: Identification of promising sectors for entrepreneurs, such as technology, agriculture, renewable energy, and healthcare. 5. Challenges and Risks: Examination of obstacles like infrastructure gaps, regulatory complexities, access to finance, market competition, and socio-economic factors. 6. Success Strategies: Guidance on navigating challenges, seizing opportunities, building resilient businesses, and contributing to economic progress. 7. Case Studies and Guest Speakers: Analysis of real-world cases and insights from industry experts, government representatives, and academic voices. 8. Policy Considerations: Discussion on the role of government policies in fostering growth, supporting entrepreneurship, and addressing economic challenges. This course aims to provide a holistic view of Nigeria's economic dynamics, empowering participants to identify opportunities, overcome hurdles, and thrive as entrepreneurs in the Nigerian context.


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