eBusiness: The Latin American Way


Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, School of Business


Santiago, Chile


eBusiness: The Latin American Way”.  EAM-429 

Online format with Zoom sessions and Moodle Platform


A conceptual and practical analysis of different digital marketing strategies and ecommerce within the latin american context & Chile. Topics included are: Customer´s behavior changes in Latam, ebusiness and the joint effort of sales & marketing; ecommerce in LATAM: the good, the bad and the ugly; Branding in digital contexts in LATAM; Marketing Analytics: best practices in Chile;  Consumer Cultures and Social Media.

Faculty involved

Daiane Scaraboto (PhD Schulich, Canada); A. Ibáñez  (MBA Kellogg); Hernán Palacios (MA  Duke), Andrés Elberg (PhD Berkeley), Ricardo Montoya (PhD Columbia), In addition, adjunt faculty involved in the marketing community will be invited:  L. H. Bustos (CEO B2O Branding Co.; MBA Wharton); Claudio Guzman (Former CMO Nestlé)

Company connections

Gnam week will include zoom meetings with relevant executives from local and multinational companies. A combination of Latin American case discussions, lectures by different professors and practitioners, and group activities, will be the core methodology of this course.

An Online wine tasting class will be offered (Chilean wine not included…)

Spaces offered


Administrative contact

Andres Ibanez, Director Int´l Affairs (aibanez@uc.cl); Monique Delaveau (mdelaveau@uc.cl), International Coordinator