Digital Transformation

This MBA course on Digital Transformation leverages UCD's prime location in Dublin, a major hub for the European headquarters of some of the world's biggest technology brands. The program takes a multifaceted and engaging approach to teaching the notoriously challenging and dynamic topic of Digital Transformation, combining company visits with expert-led sessions.

The course covers critical topics such as why digital transformations fail, how to lead transformations that integrate AI and data, and an in-depth exploration of various digital technologies. Digital transformation impacts all business facets, from management to supply chains to marketing. While the course spans multiple business disciplines, its core focus is on the pivotal role of marketing in leading digital transformation and enhancing communication within organizations, product development, marketing communications, and analytics.

What makes this course particularly unique and engaging is its emphasis on company visits and expert guest sessions as fundamental components. In 2023, the course featured notable senior-level guests who have played pivotal roles in digital transformation. These included leaders who have successfully led digital transformation initiatives, researchers from IBM developing transformative technologies, innovators from Pinterest redefining their sales processes in response to changes in the tracking landscape, and consultants experienced in digital transformation.

The curriculum is designed to address both internal company transformations and the application of new digital technologies in marketing to increase sales and profitability. By participating in this course, students will gain practical insights and strategies to navigate and lead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Last year's module outline is uploaded to provide a general idea of the structure and topics in more detail.

Download last year's syllabus for reference