Chinese Business Law

This course offers students a comprehensive introduction, study and analysis of Chinese business law including general business settings for doing business in China, Corporation Law & Governance, Securities Law, Employment Contract Law, Anti-Monopoly / Competition Law, Tax Law and Foreign Investment Law. It focuses not only on the jurisprudential part of Chinese business law, but the practical and procedural aspects of the practice. The course includes judicial rules and cases from the Chinese people’s courts highlighting relevant legal issues and discussions. The course further notes Chinese business law study from a comparative legal analysis approach. Relevant legal concepts and principles will be introduced, discussed, and analyzed during the course of study. The majority content of the course is designed with a view toward providing appropriate methodologies for studying Chinese business law, and cultivating legal ways of thinking for students with international educational background and future employment potentials.

See interview with Prof. Hu Tianlong.

Course Date & Time

Fridays, 8:30-11:45 a.m., Beijng Time