Yale II GNW Mar 2017

March 13-17, 2017

New Haven, USA

Design and Innovation

In the marketplace, an organization that fails to innovate is doomed to failure, sooner or later. The ability to generate new, compelling ideas in a constructive and iterative manner is a valuable skill for leaders of businesses at all stages. This module explores innovation as a process and how it can be systematized at the individual and organizational level and applied to a variety of business challenges. We will also discuss the role of design in successfully bringing new ideas to life. Topics may include: human-centered design, sustaining & disruptive innovation, prototyping, idea development, creative problem solving, storytelling, and entrepreneurship. 

Faculty Involved: Rodrigo CanalesAmandine Ody-Brasier, Jonathan FeinsteinJessica Helfand, Kyle Jensen

Other elements: Tour of Yale University, Company Visits, Workshops