Women in the Global Workforce Toolkit

Women in the Global Workforce Toolkit



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Date: March 8, 2017 (International Women’s Day)
Time: 15:00 (GMT) [Check local time]
Where: Online, Hosted by Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
Webinar: https://zoom.us/j/834269845

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If you would like to send in a question for the webinar, please e-mail info@advancedmanagement.net


#IWD2017 (webinar, March 8) #GlobalNetwork5 (all survey-related tweets)

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Women in the Global Workforce: Join the March 8 @advancedmgmt webinar. http://ow.ly/jHBe309pIyW #IWD2017 #GlobalNetwork5 [above photo, tag: @advancedmgmt @OxfordSBS @BerkeleyHaas @YaleSOM]

TODAY: Women in the Global Workforce Webinar, 15:00 (GMT) hosted by @advancedmgmt http://ow.ly/jHBe309pIyW #IWD2017 #GlobalNetwork5 [use above photo, tag: @advancedmgmt @OxfordSBS @BerkeleyHaas @YaleSOM]


Networked inquiry is here. Explore the "Women in the Global Workforce" survey. http://ow.ly/SZPd309D8Wf #IWD2017 #GlobalNetwork5

5,000+ respondents represent workplace experiences in 100+ countries from 28 @advancedmgmt schools. http://ow.ly/SZPd309D8Wf #GlobalNetwork5

Women in the Global Workforce Survey: Explore key findings from 5,000+ @advancedmgmt respondents representing 100+ countries. http://ow.ly/SZPd309D8Wf #GlobalNetwork5


Key Finding 1: Time is Money #GlobalNetwork5

Key Finding 1: Time is Money


Key Finding 2: Workplaces favor assertive men and women. #GlobalNetwork5 


Key Finding 3: Who’s Responsible for Childcare? #GlobalNetwork5 

Key Finding 3: How much of childcare is the mother’s responsibility?


Key Finding 4: Working remotely extends the workday. #GlobalNetwork5 

Key Finding 4: Views on Working Remotely