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Future of Globalization: The Great Connection

To coincide with the fifth anniversary of the Global Network for Advanced Management in April 2017, Global Network Perspectives asked faculty across the 29 schools in the network: "What do you think the future of globalization looks like? How will this affect the economy in your country or region? How is your school preparing students for this world?" Read all of the responses. Also, in a session at the anniversary symposium, a panel of experts—including former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry—led a discussion of the future of globalization and its implications for business and management education. Watch the video.

According to Joshua Cooper Ramo in his book The Seventh Sense: Power, Fortune, and Survival in the Age of Networks, centuries from now, our great-great-grandchildren will look at our age and name it as we have named the Enlightenment. Perhaps they will call this era the "Great Connection" or "Great Enmeshment," or some such. Without the "Great Connection," the economy in Japan and the Asian region has no future and no survival.

The mission of Hitotsubashi ICS is to achieve “the Best of Two Worlds" by acting as a bridge linking Japan to Asia and the globe, and as an international center of excellence for the creation, management, and dissemination of knowledge. Therefore, we educate our students so that they will be a bridge between two confronting concepts such as East and West, Large and Small, Global and Local, Old and New, Practice and Theory, Cooperation and Competition, and Business and Society without denouncing or ignoring the other in the age of Great Connection. Students who study at Hitotsubashi ICS have the social mission of creating the peaceful and collaborative society in the world by accepting paradox, combining and respecting different beliefs.