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The Challenge of Transforming Entrepreneurship in Latin America

Even though Latin America has one of the highest numbers of entrepreneurs in the world, entrepreneurship in the region still has a low added value. In this interview, Dr. José Ernesto Amorós, the co-leader of the Entrepreneurship and Leadership Research Group and recently named the National Leader of Doctorates and the Assistant Research Director at EGADE Business School, explains how to face the challenge by turning entrepreneurial projects into more productive, innovative, growth-based businesses. Internationalization and formal and informal networks are essential factors in the drive for competitiveness and innovation among entrepreneurs, says Amorós, who is a member of the international board of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. He also points out in this interview that Latin America needs to create more solid, efficient, and attractive local entrepreneurship ecosystems to connect entrepreneurs with large companies that push for friendlier behavior from institutions and attract risk capital and seed capital investors.