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How Latin American Companies Are Becoming More Sustainable

In the face of constraints on resource availability, water conservation and other environmental challenges, sustainability is becoming an area of opportunity for innovation for many Mexican corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, startups and entrepreneurs. EGADE Business School’s 2015 Global Green Business Summit contributes to Mexico’s sustainability agenda bringing the business and academic community together to share their experience and factors of success in introducing sustainability in their corporate strategies and in developing a Mexican base of practice.

In this interview, Isabel Studer, founder director of EGADE Business School’s Global Institute for Sustainability, and Daniel Esty, Hillhouse professor at Yale University and professor of the Corporate Sustainability Research Group at EGADE Business School, discuss how Latin American companies are adapting their strategies to climate change, resource scarcity, air pollution, and other sustainability challenges, leading the way for greener productive processes and more eco-efficient supply chains. They also comment on how the corporate sustainability approach is becoming more data-driven by the need of tracking progress against specific goals and building trust and being more transparent with their stakeholders.