In Survey, Global Network Faculty Predict a Still-Dynamic China in a Decade

August 6, 2019
Global Network for Advanced Management

A survey of faculty experts in the Global Network for Advanced Management found broad agreement that China will remain the most dynamic major economic area in 10 years, and identified climate change, populism, and artificial intelligence as the biggest disruptive forces affecting global business.

According to the survey of faculty sentiment, conducted in June, 64% of faculty said that China will be the most dynamic economy in 2029, with 16% looking to the United States, 10% to Africa, and just 2% to the EU.

Faculty members identified a variety of disruptive forces affecting their own regions. For example, faculty in Asia see climate change as having the biggest effect, while in the Americas, populism is seen as the most disruptive factor. Experts in Europe said that the aging of the population would have the largest effect there, while in Africa, the faculty identified terrorism and internal conflict as most important.

Faculty participants also weighed in on solutions to undocumented immigration, the causes of population growth, and the most inspiring world leaders.

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A map of survey responses
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