Two ESMT Students Share Their Perspectives on Global Network Week

November 5, 2018
ESMT Berlin Germany

Students participated in a 30-minute webinar to discuss their experiences during Global Network Week in October.

Students and staff at ESMT-Berlin recently participated in a half-hour webinar where recent Global Network Week attendees shared their experiences. Students discussed their decisions to join their peers from around the globe in the weeklong modules and how they are planning to apply what they learned to their careers.

Demis Estabridis, who spent the week at the Yale School of Management, commented that on top of learning about a topic of great interest to him, that he enjoyed “meeting people from other countries. It was interesting because I know a lot of my friends were in their universities, and it was a real network. We were all spread around for a week, in a place where my friends were, and some of them were here. That was also very nice.” 

Watch the webinar below.