Students to Travel to Five Continents for Global Network Week

March 9, 2018
Global Network for Advanced Management

Students to Travel to Five Continents for Global Network Week

How is fintech shaping China’s financial sector? What’s the best way to market products in Latin American countries? And how do you create inclusive business models to serve the poorest residents in India?

These are among the topics that 750 students traveling from 18 schools across the Global Network for Advanced Management will study during Global Network Week. Held four times per year, Global Network Week gives MBA students the opportunity to pursue intensive study at another network school, in a focused mini course that leverages the perspectives, programs, and faculty expertise of the hosting school. The week also provides students a chance to build their own networks for their global careers.

“Global Network Week has been a launching pad for so many students,” said Camino de Paz, managing director of global programs at the Yale School of Management. “Students who have met during the week have gone on to take classes together, work together, and helped to find new ways to customize programs to tailor them to their career objectives. When students have ideas of what the Network can be, we try to find ways to make it happen.”

One example is the Design and Innovation Club at Yale, which launched the Design and Innovation Global Network Week in March 2017, tailored to students with an interest in design thinking. That offering is being held again this year at the school, and de Paz encourages students to think of other ways to extend the Network’s reach and innovations.

Global Network Week runs March 12-16. Follow and participate in the conversation about Network Week by using the hashtag #GNW2018.