ESMT's Global Solutions Summer School Unites Top Graduates and Professors, Includes Exclusive Summit

March 26, 2018
ESMT Berlin Germany

The event, open to students in the Global Network, is co-hosted by ESMT Berlin and will feature speakers like Angela Merkel.

Global Solutions Summit

The Global Solutions Summit will offer a summer school open to students in the Global Network for Advanced Management, from May 26-30 at the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Berlin. The summer school will bring together renowned professors and graduate students from top international business and public policy schools to take part in a series of seminars and lectures focused on the Global Solutions Initiative, which provides independent economic and social policy solutions to global governance institutions.

The five-day summer school includes participation in the Global Solutions Summit. The summit, which takes place from May 28-29, will bring together think tank experts, as well as leaders from government, business, and civil society organizations to find solutions for international challenges. The summit’s goal is to provide recommendations to address important G20 issues. The summit dates fall midway into the Argentine G20 presidency and is meant to be a step towards the official summit of the T20 process, the official engagement group of think tanks who advise the G20 leaders. Angela Merkel, Federal Chancellor of Germany, will attend the summit and give the keynote address.

“It is our pleasure to co-host the Global Solutions Summer School,” said Jörg Rocholl, President and the EY Chair in Governance and Compliance at ESMT Berlin. “It will create opportunities for students to explore data and research-driven knowledge in the business sector, and to meet exceptional researchers and business leaders.”

Summer School attendees will be challenged to reimagine and redefine business and public policy relationships for sustainable social outcomes. They will present their ideas and projects to Global Solutions Summit experts from think tanks, business, politics, and civil society. These will include Nobel-Prize-winning economists George Akerlof and Edmund Phelps; Gabriela Ramos, OECD Chief of Staff and Sherpa to the G20; and high-ranking decision-makers from the German Federal Government, the European Commission, and organizations such as the OECD, United Nations, ILO, and the World Bank.

Students will also experience the summit through workshops and panel discussions, which will be broadcast live. The complete program has two major areas of focus – the future of the corporation, the future of work and skills. Topics for discussion will include the relationship of economic growth to social progress, the role of local initiatives in global development, alternative models for measuring national success, the threats and opportunities of disruptive technology in labor markets worldwide, and the potential of business education to shape global outcomes. Additionally, the program will include a learning trip and a chance to join a network to remain in contact with other graduates and international experts.

“How business and public policy developments align for the public good will determine our future success,” said Rocholl. “By working with graduate students in business, the Global Solutions Summer School can engage tomorrow’s leaders in this effort today.”

How to take part

• Each Global Network for Advanced Management member school may nominate up to four candidates (MIMs, MBAs, or EMBAs as the program should foster intergenerational learning). Students should contact their school’s Global Network representatives for a nomination.

• Candidates should show a special interest in one or several of the overarching agenda of the Global Solutions Initiative.

• Nominated participants should submit a letter of motivation of max. 400 words and a CV to using the subject line “Summer School application”. A committee will then select a maximum of 25 participants in total. Please contact me should you have any questions or comments.

Deadline for application: April 9, 2018. Decisions for participation will be shared shortly thereafter.