Smurfit Dean Discusses Global Network Courses with UK's Independent

November 14, 2014

In an article in the UK's Independent, Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh described how Global Network Courses leverage the network's faculty expertise.

In an article published in the UK’s Independent on November 14, Dean Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh of University College Dublin’s Smurfit Graduate Business School discusses a range of issues, including the state of online education. One advantage of the Global Network’s small network online course (SNOC) model, he notes, is that it allows students to take advantage of faculty expertise throughout the network.

From the article: 

"Our students can take a module on energy finance…which is taught by the guy in the forestry department in Yale…in that programme they'll have ourselves, people from UCD Smurfit, people from Yale, people from a business school in Madrid, from Turkey, from Beijing.

"The strength of a network like that is that if they have expertise in energy finance, and we have expertise in digital marketing let's say, then we can offer them what we have and they can offer us what they have."

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