Global Network Week Update: Renmin

October 14, 2014

Notes from the first day of Global Network Week at the School of Business, Renmin University of China, titled “Managing Relationships in China: a State-Owned Enterprise Perspective.”

Day One of the Global Network Week commenced today in Renmin University of China. Students from Renmin, Yale and IE Business Schools are attending the four day forum on the topic of “Managing Relationships in China: a State-Owned Enterprise Perspective.” 

Vice Dean and Professor of Finance at the School of Business, Renmin University of China, Mr. Xiaoqiang Zhi formally convened the Global Network Week at Renmin by welcoming this year’s participants hailing from nineteen countries across the globe. 

Professor Byron Lee of Renmin University of China introduced the program schedule for the week and challenged students to ponder the question “Why are China’s State-Owned Enterprises so successful?”

Professor Majid Ghorbani of Renmin University of China lectured on “The SOE Environment” and discussed the development of the SOE model and the management and business development characteristics of these organizations. Professor Ghorbani provided invaluable insight into these crucially important enterprises which today account for approximately 22% of China’s GDP.

After a brief lunch students enjoyed a lecture on “The Role of Government in SOEs” by Mr. Zhengzun Zhang, Founder and CEO of King Parallel Consulting. As a Former Senior Research Fellow and SOE Divisional Chief at the Development Research Centre of the State Council Mr. Zhang offered his unique personal experiences on the relationship between the Chinese Government and SOEs. Looking at other nations such as France, Finland and Singapore Mr. Zhang noted “SOEs played great roles during the early development stage of many nations”.

In the evening students were paired into groups and sent on a SOE learning activity in which foreign students were required to visit local bank branches, exchange foreign currency and set-up bank accounts. This proved rather challenging and showed foreign students the complexity at times when doing business with State-Owned Enterprises in China and the value of having local partners there to support you.

In the evening a networking dinner was held enabling Renmin IMBA students, former MBA graduates, guests from Global Network Week partner institutions and Renmin School of Business faculty to spend quality time sampling some of Beijing’s culinary delights. Distinguished guests Mr. Victor Liang, Vice President and General Council of, Mr. Naisheng Yao, Vice President of and Ms. Lihong Shan, President of HarbourVest, accompanied the School of Business Dean Professor Mao Jiye. Dinner guests were inspired by the distinguished speakers’ personal stories of their paths to success with some of China’s most successful companies. Mr. Victor Liang of perhaps set the tone of the night with his inspiring words of wisdom to our current IMBA class, “If you dream it, keep going, you can do it.”

About Global Network Week

Launched by the Global Network for Advanced Management and Yale School of Management in 2013 the Global Network Week has expanded to over 27 schools from 25 nations. Global Network Week gives students the opportunity to travel to another school for a one-week intensive mini-course.

About The School of Business, Renmin University of China (RBS)

Founded in 1950 Renmin University of China’s business programs were the first to be established in the People’s Republic of China. The School of Business is both EQUIS and AACSB accredited and in 2013 was ranked first in the study of Business Administration by China’s Ministry of Education. RBS first commenced its MBA program in 1990 and later launched its International MBA program (in English) in 2009. Since 1990 over 6,000 students have successfully graduated from Renmin’s MBA programs.

By Cian O’Dowd, Renmin IMBA Class of 2016