HEC GNW Mar2015

HEC Paris

March 16-20, 2015

City: Jouy-en-Josas, France

Topic & Description:

Inclusive and Social Business

Poverty remains a strong reality in the “developing world,” even in countries which experience high growth rates.  It is also on the rise in many – if not all – rich countries.  While philanthropic action, public authorities, and international institutions have shown their limits in the fight against poverty, firms are increasingly contributing by developing innovative “market-based solutions.”  This module critically investigates the set of reasons that prompt firms to contribute to poverty alleviation and analyzes the innovative inclusive and social business models that they develop.  It explores how firms transform themselves when seeking to become more inclusive.  More fundamentally, this module also challenges participants to question their roles as managers and future executives.

Faculty:  The Social Business/Enterprise and Poverty Chair was founded in 2009.  It is co-presided by Professor Muhammad Yunus (Founder of the Grameen Bank and Nobel Prize Recipient 2006) and Martin Hirsch (former French Minister on Poverty Alleviation).

The program is taught by a team of HEC professors belonging to various departments, such as Frederic Dalsace (Marketing Department; Chaired Professor), Laurence Lehman-Ortega (Strategy) or Florian Hoos (Accounting and Management Control).  Consultants and Social Entrepreneurs are also involved.

Company visits:  The Chair is sponsored by Danone, Schneider Electric and Renault.  In addition, the Chair has helped create an independent “Action Tank” which collaborates with a dozen multinational firms to develop inclusive and social businesses.

Other elements: Networking evening with HEC MBA students, visit of Paris or Versailles