Winning Strategies for Small and Medium Size Businesses Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

Capacity: 100 students

The extra-ordinary hardships brought on by Covid-19 have pushed businesses to take substantial measure to survive during the crisis. We can already see that only businesses willing to adapt and innovate, pushed by necessity, can overturn the hardships into new opportunity. This pandemic also compelled small and medium size enterprises to revamp its businesses. However, despite its limited resources compared to major national companies, we can already see that some small and medium size businesses have respond well to the crisis and even making a profit by harnessing the opportunity presented by the current situation. 


In this five days (online) event, participants will able to participate in a discussion on how businesses, particularly small-medium size businesses, can survive and thrive during the pandemic. The events will invite prominent speakers and start the discussion by analyzing the possible impact of covid-19 on economy, consumer behavior, business operations, among other things. Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to discuss how small-medium size businesses executives navigate and position their business to be resilient during this unprecedented time. By the end of these five-days event, it is expected that the participants will gain new perspectives and tremendous insights from the speakers. The knowledge will provide them with better understanding of how small and medium size businesses can win and emerge stronger, even during chaos caused by pandemy.