Understanding Business Opportunities and Investment in Emerging Markets

Course Overview


Global growth has received optimistic perspectives in the recent past, with a growing interest in emerging economies. The perspective of emerging markets as new opportunities for business ventures and investments has been to a large extent due to geopolitical happenings at both micro and macro levels of these markets that have contributed to growth impacts. These opportunities have positioned emerging economies as the new centers of attraction. There are various business opportunities that can be explored within emerging markets. However, coming with these opportunities are challenges that are unique to emerging markets that must be understood by interested investors, what we call in this module institutional voids.

This module will seek to help participants understand and appreciate the business opportunities and investments within emerging markets and the underlying challenges in these markets. Though the focus will be on African economies, the course will draw learning examples from other emerging markets in South America, Eastern Europe and Asia. Participants will get to appreciate the great opportunities presented by these markets as well as appreciate that the business environment in emerging markets is also faced with the shortcomings of institutional voids.

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