Understanding Business Opportunities and Investment in Emerging Markets


Global growth has received optimistic perspectives in the recent past, although moderated in emerging economies. This perspective on emerging markets in reference to business opportunities and investments has been to a large extent due to geopolitical concerns as well as macro and micro implications that have contributed to the impact of growth. There are various opportunities in business that can be explored within emerging markets, and this module will seek to understand what those business opportunities and investments within emerging markets are, seeking to explore the fundamentals of growth once business opportunities have been established and understand key issues that need attention.


  • Explore trends in the past decade and why there would be an interest in emerging markets.
  • Understand risks and tradeoffs in emerging markets investments.
  • Discuss the misconceptions about doing business in emerging markets.
  • Review how alliances, partnerships, competitiveness, among others impact growth.


The delivery of this course will be interactive consisting of classroom sessions, industry guest speakers, use of live cases, site visits, project work within groups as well as individual reflections.

Faculty from SBS will lead the course.