Sustainable Finance

ESMT Berlin Germany

The transition to a long-term sustainable economy is a global challenge of extensive magnitude and the financial sector is playing an important role in this process. During the sessions of this week, you will get an overview of the field of sustainable finance, its drivers, trends, and products. You will learn different ways of taking sustainability or ESG (environmental, social and governance) into account when investing in equity, with a special focus on active ownership, trading strategies, and ESG integration. You will also learn about sustainable debt products and the role of banks in the transition to a low carbon economy. You will also get a deeper understanding of how to perform corporate ESG analysis; what data sources to use, how to determine material ESG factors, how to understand ESG scores and sustainability reports, and how to monetize externalities to measure impact. The sessions during this week will be a mix of interactive lectures, poll-sessions, mini-cases, and group discussions. You will meet both academics and practitioners from the finance industry. Finally, you do not need to be a finance and/or sustainability nerd to understand and benefit from the materials, presentations, and discussions in this program – we have designed it to have a relatively broad scope (but we will go into practical details as well). A warm welcome!