Strategic Thinking

Course Objectives

This is a behavioural course, specifically concentrating on strategic decision making in uncertain environments.  The advent of technology and the fact that even "change is changing" suggest that the uncertainty has been compounded and decisions need to be made quicker and “fast failure” is the new motto of all companies, from start-ups to establish businesses. The participants are taken through a journey through which they will first learn to appreciate that uncertainty is the nature of life and is different from risk. After establishing this firmly the course will concentrate on thinking. Behavioural issues and cognitive biases during decision making processes are discussed and ways to combat them are introduced. Later the course will concentrate on individual strategic cases. Both good and bad strategies will be discussed.
Learning Outcomes

How to think like a strategist and manage to keep your head in uncertain environments by appreciating challenges faced in our daily personal and business lives. Students will be made aware of certain well-established biases. In the process participants will develop ways to deal with them. They will learn to take risk rather than face risk. The structure of the course will ensure full participation and development of presentation and moderation skills.

Faculty: Erda Gercek

Course Date & Time

July 1-2-3, 2022 (09:00-13:00 Istanbul Time) August 12-13-14, 2022 (14:00-18:00 Istanbul Time) September 9-10-11, 2022 (14:00-18:00 Istanbul Time)