Strategic Management in a Global Context

This course is an introduction to the basic principle of organizational behavior and leadership. This two subjects are very important for managers to be able to perform effectively in their business.
On completion, participants of this course are expected to be able to develop an understanding about the basic concept and theories of organizational behavior, leadership functions in organizational context, identify and analyze various issues related to leadership and organizational behavior.

Faculty: Dr. Yasmine Nasution

Course Date & Time

Current term: Feb. 8 - May 23, 2024. Thursday, 09.00-11.30 A.M (Indonesian Western Time). There are two exams. The Last Scheduled class will be an final exam. Mid Test between March 25th until March 30th 2024. Final Test between May 27th until June 1st 2024

Next term: September 3 - December 10, Tuesday, 19.00-21.00 p.m. (Indonesia western time)