Storytelling in the Era of short content and social media

HEC Paris France

Storytelling in the era of short contents and social media has revolutionized the way we engage with audiences. Social media and content platforms such as TikTok have transformed the storytelling landscape, challenging traditional narrative structures and ushering in a new era of bite-sized, attention-grabbing content. If you are searching for a job, launching your startup, managing a team or even trying to get into politics, your best chance of success is to master storytelling. There is an old saying which is "don't kill the messenger". Today, you are the messenger and you better have a great story if you want to stay relevant! This course explores the impact of social media on storytelling, with a focus on TikTok. Students will learn narrative structure, elements of a story, and how to craft compelling stories for social media to influence audiences.

Learning Objectives
By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the challenges and opportunities of storytelling in an era of short content and short memories
  • Identify the key elements of a compelling short-form story
  • Analyze and critique short-form content from a storytelling perspective
  • Develop and execute a short-form storytelling strategy for different contexts, including business, politics, and entertainment

Course Date & Time

Tuesdays & Thursdays at 4PM (Paris Time) 60 minutes class + 30 minutes Office Hours / Q&A  13 days, 7 weeks: Sept 12, 14, 19, 21, 26, 28 | October 3,5,10,12, 17, 19 & 24th