The Race to Net Zero & Transition to Clean Energy

This Global Network Week course prepares you to address the climate crisis that is reshaping the way we do business in every organisation around the globe.

You will be provided with an understanding of the foundational concepts in climate science, how to measure your organisation’s (and your own) sustainability footprint, in order to reduce this within your sphere of influence, pathways to Net Zero and how we can decarbonise our hard-to-abate industries and how to transform your organisations’ value chain to be sustainable and regenerative. You will be introduced to the intersection of environmental, social and economic challenges brought about by climate change, and the opportunities we have to solve these challenges, and to create value for our organisations and their stakeholders.

This course includes guest speakers and real-world case studies to identify pathways to Net Zero and the transition to clean energy being employed at world-leading organisations. It also includes a one-day field trip to the Hunter Valley, a couple of hours north of Sydney to visit wineries that are leading the way in sustainable agriculture and production and organisations engaged at the epicentre of the energy transition.