Project Management

With the billions being invested in projects around the world, there is a burgeoning need to develop both individual and organisational project-management capabilities. Organisations are no longer debating whether there is value in adopting project management. The question now is how to develop their project-management capabilities in the most efficient, value-producing manner, and how to turn effective project management into key competitive advantage.

This course provides an introduction to the rapidly growing world of project, program and portfolio management (PPPM or 3PM). The 10 Units address various themes around managing projects in modern organisations, and take you through key processes that contribute to the successful delivery of a project. We start with an introduction to project management, and follow with requisite project-management methodologies and skills, management of the stakeholders and individuals assigned to project teams, project planning and project communications, project execution and control, and project closure. Woven through each Unit are the attributes of responsible leadership underpinning sustainable future organisations.

Faculty: Mr J Oschadleus

Course Date & Time

Synchronous classes: Thursdays between 6pm-7.30pm Sydney time - Please note time change to AEDT (forward one hour) from 2 October; Asynchronous classes require group work and attendance at 3 synchronous sessions over the term and it is important to stay on schedule, even though the schedule is flexible. Students may choose which mode they would prefer to attend.

Specific dates for 2023 TBD.