A Primer on Social and Financial Innovation

IMD Switzerland

Social innovation and impact embody new ways of thinking about business that position planet and people on the same level as shareholders.


Social innovation is the process of applying new market solutions to global social and environmental problems, by creating or improving products, services, business models, and markets. More effectively responding to unmet needs through impact investment is a financial strategy that generates financial return while intentionally improving the social and environmental conditions of the public.


We will see innovative impactful solutions that mobilize private sector capital in new, more efficient and scalable ways to solve social, economic, and environmental problems globally.

This course will focus on how large corporations, social entrepreneurs and impact investors define purpose to foster social and financial innovations that respond to social and environmental problems.

Course Date & Time


8:30 – 10:00 a.m. (EST) [Check the time in your timezone ]


Friday, September 6 and then on Mondays from Sept 9 to October 28. (No class the week of October 12-16.)