A Path to Net Zero: Business Role in Helping Solve the Global Climate Crisis

The world is experiencing an unprecedented climate crisis which has impacted how we live and do business. Some of the effects of the climate crisis have devastated even the most prepared places and businesses have to be ready for any disruption in production and service. At the latest G20 summit, world leaders recognized the importance of collective action in tackling environmental challenges and climate change, including business roles in promoting transitions towards more flexible, transparent, and cleaner energy systems. With this crisis looming now and in the near future, businesses have to ask themselves “What can we do to help solve the global climate crisis?” We will discuss the climate crisis effects on business and the need to update our core businesses to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable. The discussion will involve, but not be limited to, different measures that businesses can implement such as measuring greenhouse emissions, encouraging sustainable commuting, reducing wastage in the workplace, and investing in greener equipment and infrastructures. At the GNAM Week program, we will discuss the above talking points through presentations and discussions led by key academics, businesspeople, and policymakers. By learning from experts and key stakeholders about their understandings, we hope that participants can gain insights and knowledge regarding the global climate crisis and how businesses can help in solving the issue. At the end of the program, participants are assigned to a team to work on a group project to apply insights and concepts learned.