Operations Strategy for Global Competitiveness

This course introduces the basic principle of operations strategy that focuses on ensuring global competitiveness for any organization. Operations plays an important role in creating an organization's competitive advantage by integrating all operation element into one system. Having an integrated system will help organization to respond to the strategy used by competitors, change in technology, and customer's needs. Creating a system that is integrated and aligned with the company's strategic goals is the goal of Operations Strategy.


1.    Develop an understanding of the strategic impact of an operating decision.
2.    Introduces the basic components of operations strategy, including operating capacity configuration, supplier network relationships, process technology, and development and organization.
3.    Design, implement and evaluate operations strategies that are aligned with the company's global competitiveness goals.
4.    Deepen understanding of the role of top managers in leading, forming and implementing operational strategies.

Course Date & Time

Wednesday, 19.00-21.30 PM (Indonesian Western Time)