ONLINE MODULE: Leading in Times of Crisis

Leading in Times of Crisis In today's dynamic and challenging business world, exceptional leadership is more crucial than ever. A recent McKinsey report reveals geopolitical conflict as the top concern for CEOs today. Navigating organizations through turbulent times demands the power of vision, inspiration, courage, negotiation and collaboration skills, and data-based decision-making. This course will equip you with the knowledge and inspiration to steer organizations toward success, even amidst storms. You'll uncover the diverse sources of crises, learn to analyze complex crisis situations and identify new growth opportunities. Throughout the program, you'll gain access to fascinating insights through real-life case studies and engage in stimulating group discussions and collaborative problem-solving. What sets this apart? Blended with academic knowledge, the course provides a unique opportunity for virtual meetings with inspiring leaders who have successfully overcome daunting crises and their organizations have emerged stronger. Their stories and experiences will serve as a source of inspiration and invaluable knowledge, empowering you to develop the mental fortitude and leadership acumen needed to guide your organization toward a brighter future. Join us and unleash the leader within you!

NOTE: This course is offered virtually only, not in person*