Negotiating in a Global Environment

With business becoming increasingly global and organizations becoming increasingly culturally diverse, it is becoming increasingly important for managers to negotiate in ways that address the complexities of operating in an international, multi-cultural world. This module explores the various negotiation strategies and tactics that enable managers to negotiate effectively within a global environment. By combining workshops that emphasize core negotiation skills with workshops that emphasize international and cross-cultural negotiation topics and insights from negotiators on the ground, this module is well suited for both negotiation novices and those with prior negotiation training and experience.
Sydney, Australia provides the perfect setting for learning how to negotiate in a global environment. While Sydney is most famous for its iconic buildings, stunning beauty, and abundance of leisure activities, Sydney is also the economic capital of a country with deep economic ties to both the West and the Asia-Pacific region.  Because of its strategic proximity, Australia plays a critical role in many multilateral negotiations involving commerce, diplomacy, and environmental sustainability. In addition, with almost half its population born overseas, Sydney is among the most culturally diverse cities on the planet and hence a microcosm for learning how to negotiate across cultures.

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