Market shaping: Revolutionizing strategizing

Markets can be revolutionized from within. This is the task for true entrepreneurs who want to make a difference. Consider companies like Spotify, Oatly and Mojang who have all in recent years managed to revolutionize markets for music, milk-products and on-line gaming. Their success mirrors a new business reality where markets are no longer given landscapes to navigate in, but malleable contexts that are subject to market shaping. This novel business reality becomes more salient with disruptive forces such as digitalization, global warming and pandemics. To remain viable in this business reality, a novel way of strategizing is needed!
This unique course familiarizes the participants thinking in tune with this novel business reality by offering a series of conceptual toolkits from different disciplines. These can be used to envision how markets can be shaped and reshaped. Its overall dictum is that the way in which a market is made sense of impacts how strategizing as shaping can unfold. And the more versatile the market portrayals are, the more impactful the selected shaping strategies will be.   
The course has a long successful history as part of the international SSE MSc programs portfolio and is now offered for the first time to the GNAM community. It features a unique flipped-classroom pedagogy with student-led seminars at the core, which means that interactive group work is a key characteristic of the course. 

Prerequisite: Students should be acquainted with basic strategic marketing concepts and theories as outlined in an introductory textbook (e.g., Principles of Marketing by Kotler et al., Market-Based Management by Best, Exploring Strategy by Johnson et al.). An elementary understanding of microeconomics and the theories of Industrial Organization will furthermore help out.

Course Date & Time

Tuesdays and Thursdays 1300-1600 hrs Stockholm (CET +1 hour) time. Two sessions of three hours each in weeks 35-40 (one session in week 41).