Managing Sustainable Business for Long-Term Growth

In recent years, we hear a lot about companies who faced increasingly intense pressure from the public due to its incapability in minimizing negative impact of their business on environment, economy, and communities where they operate. Especially in the digital era where public could transparently see and report what companies do, a small negative impact on environment/communities/economy from companies could triggered immeasurable protests from around the world which then will affect their business operations. Therefore, it is crucial for company nowadays to develop and apply the principles of sustainability at the heart of their business strategy, exercising the triple bottom line framework which are social, environmental (or ecological), and financial.


During a weeklong journey, participants will be exposed with topics about ways of managing sustainable business. They will learn from experts and practitioners both from public and private sectors about how they create connection and interdependency between business and environment, business and society, and business and economy. Furthermore, they will learn from pioneering firm in Indonesia on how they were taking giant leap to adopt sustainability practices within their business model to support their long-term growth. Participants will also have the opportunity to do a site visit conducive to experience in-person how company in Indonesia manage their sustainable business.