Managing with Digital Technology

Managing with Digital Technology aims to increase digital literacy of managers and leaders. The primary objective of this course is to give you a high-level overview of the fundamental concepts and topical issues in information systems (IS) and information technology (IT) within an organisational context. This course will adopt a top-down approach and emphasise high-level mastery of important concepts in IS/IT and will equip you, as the manager, with the knowledge and skills to make more informed decisions regarding the application of IS and IT to help ensure organisational success. Students who successfully complete this course will have an appreciation for the problems faced by organisations in navigating and sustaining their digital transformation to ensure continuous value creation. 

The course prepares you for product-management roles, which are increasingly becoming the job of choice for MBA students. In their quest to 'stay ahead of the competition'  in today's fast-paced digital era, we are seeing more industries, in particular traditional service industries, creating their own products and services to deliver more capabilities to their customers. In turn, these new products and services require new competencies (knowledge, skills and abilities) from their managers. Being a product manager requires a diverse range of skills - management /people; technical; project management - most importantly across the business, customers and technology. It is an attractive career path for graduating MBA and management students. A successful product manager needs to master the business side of developing a product and have the knowledge, skills and abilities to interact with a wide range of stakeholders (both technical and non-technical), from customers through to product engineers and user-experience specialists.

Competencies across the digital landscape are vital in today's rapidly changing business environment. Businesses must stay ahead of the curve and be ready to compete against digital disruptors. In turn, you as the manager must be digitally savvy to be able to help your organisation navigate and sustain their digital transformation and ensure continuous value creation. Managing with Digital Technology will equip you to succeed in the digital era.

Faculty: Dr C Van Toorn

Course Date & Time

Online asynchronous. No set online weekly classes but may incorporate a few synchronous course webinars (timing TBA by facilitator).