Managing Across Cultures: Cultural Competence for Global Business Managers

In order to overcome the occasional discomfort of differences in cross-cultural encounters, the natural tendency is to rely on mental shortcuts, or stereotypes. Stereotypes, however, are fraught with uncertainties and biased judgments. In contrast, recent decades have seen many significant advances in scientific research in cross-cultural differences. Cross-cultural researchers develop theories that are grounded in established scientific knowledge and that can be tested empirically, in other words, that can be tested through scientific observation and experimentation. This scientifically-grounded knowledge is an asset for Global Managers when cross- cultural encounters—in real and virtual platforms—potentially make or break the deal.

The course, comprising of interactive sessions, reflective exercises, case discussions, and field visits, would help you appreciate culture as the organizing principle of work-life. In order to sharpen your sensitivity to cultural differences, you will take home a ‘tool-kit’ of cultural models. This tool kit will potentially come in handy in multiple facets of work-life— in interpersonal communications, negotiations, marketing, team building, leadership, or simply in making sense of a new way of life in a new land. Bon voyage!


**The synchronous meeting time will be 6-8 am (IST)

Faculty: Professor Ritu Tripathi