Islamic Economics: A Global Perspective

This subject is aiming to provide an understanding of the theory and practice of contemporary Islamic Economics from a global point of view. This course aims to provide an essential and fundamental understanding of epistemology, principles, policies, institutions, and instruments from an Islamic perspective. This includes the Islamic perspective on economic (i) theories (maslahah, consumption, production, price); (ii) practices (financial market and institutions, halal industry); and (iii) policy frameworks (monetary and fiscal). 
This course also aims to build the skills needed for students to appreciate alternative economic systems other than the existing conventional economics. After attending this course, students are expected to have the ability to understand the nature and basic concepts of Islamic economics, the institutions and instruments used, and be able to compare them with conventional economics and the implications that accompany it for the economy. 
There is no prerequisite for taking this course.

Faculty: Wahyu Jatmiko, Ph.D

Course Date & Time

Tuesday 19.00-21.30 pm (Indonesian Time GMT+7), Mid Test between Oct 23-30, 2023, Final take home essay between 19-30 Dec 2023.